SFA 28 Activities & Goals

SFA Chapter 28 is a strong supporter of the Green Beret Foundation. A portion of the funds we receive for V-42 sales are donated directly to the Green Beret Foundation.

We also sponsor Special Forces soldiers and their families for Warrior R&R trips back to Montana:

Thank you letter


These are just a couple of  examples of how
our funds are spent and the worthy causes our members are supporting.

Chapter 28 Activities and Goals

Special Forces Association Chapter XXVIII, “Devil’s Brigade Chapter”, was re-chartered February 9, 2002. The Montana Chapter is one of 82 Chapters around the world. It has developed into a self-sustaining organization whose membership is 118 strong including 9 honorary members.

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We received land contributions from Montana businessmen, which we liquidated to fund our activities. We seek donations and dormant non-performing real property as contributions. Through these and other ongoing fund raising efforts we are able to continue our goals and activities throughout the state and region. If you are interested in making a donation (Tax Deductable), please contact Chapter Treasurer Bob Brugh at (406) 626-4687 or rgb@montana.com.

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