V-42 Order

SFA 28 & W.R. Case Cutlery are honored to be able to offer a serialized Faithfully True V-42:Faithfully True V-42

V-42 stilettos are currently priced at $549.00 each (plus $30 each for US shipping). Each Faithfully True V-42 ships with a Certificate of Authenticity from Case.

You can order your V-42 on our Rallyup.com e-commerce page. Make sure you enter where you want it shipped under the contact information section. You can change everything (including name) under the payment information section to match your credit card account. If you want to ship one as a gift, enter the recipient’s name and address in the contact information section and enter yourself under the payment information section.

Order your V-42 Here

If you have any questions please contact Bob at rgb@montana.com.

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