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  • Provide scholarships to member's children

  • Assist active duty Special Forces with training and transition assistance

  • Step up when disasters strikes our community

  • Help our local communities through volunteerism and outreach

  • Organize and fund Warrior Family Retreats and vacations

  • Preserve the legacy of the First Special Service Force, the "Devil's Brigade"

  • Inspire and train tomorrow's leaders

  • Support a distinguished speaker series

  • Promote fraternity and camaraderie in the Special Forces 


Make a Difference

  • 95% of funds donated go to program services

  • Support a strong United States military and a robust joint special operations force

  • Help us foster and perpetuate the traditions of the United States of America, its armed forces, and the U.S. Army Special Forces

  • Make a difference in the lives of our Special Forces personnel and their families

  • Set up recurring or one-time donations


Share Success

  • Offer your services for a respite or event experience

  • Support our events with gear, supplies, or gifts

  • Provide items for our Annual Ch. 28 Fundraiser

  • Share your goods or services with our members and families

  • Help advance the public image of Special Forces

  • Promote the general welfare of the Special Forces Community

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