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On February 27-28, 2018, the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Senior Enlisted Advisor, CSM Patrick L. McCauley, was warmly welcomed in Bozeman and Missoula at the campus’ of MSU and U of M, speaking with ROTC cadets on Winning in Combat and presenting the Gen. Robert Frederick Leadership Award, sponsored by the Montana Special Forces Chapter 28, “Devil’s Brigade."

CSM McCauley is a 32 year, active duty veteran with service for two years as a Marine tanker, then transferring to the Army in 1988 as an Intelligence Analyst. In mid-’89 he volunteered for and successfully completed the SFAS and Q-Course with assignment to 1st Bn. 3rd GRP as a Communications Sergeant. In 1995, he successfully assessed and was selected for a Special Mission Unit. During the next twenty years, CSM McCauley served in every leadership position from Assault Team Leader, K-9 & Assault Troop SGM, Squadron CSM, and finally the Unit CSM. In June ’15, CSM McCauley was assigned as the U. S. Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT) Senior Enlisted Advisor prior to becoming the USSOCOM Senior Enlisted Advisor in July 2016.

CSM McCauley gave three Combat Leadership engagements “How to Win in Combat”, to 175 ROTC cadets at MSU and UM, sharing his lessons learned as a team leader and overcoming fear by developing trust and confidence, conducting realistic ‘bloodless’ training and friendly competition in various disciplines, a foundation of relationships with team members, leading from the front, making decisions, complacency, owning your mistakes-‘mea culpa’ and sharing these mistakes with sister elements.

During his Montana visit, CSM McCauley also participated in presenting the MG Robert T Frederick Leadership Award to this year’s Grizzly BN ROTC cadet recipient, Carroll College senior Sawyer Linke.

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