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If you would like to join a fraternal organization that supports the most highly qualified soldiers in the world and help to maintain its legacy for future generations, please contact your local Chapters or National Headquarters @ (910)485-5433 or visit

The Special Forces Association (SFA) was founded at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1964 as the SF Decader Club. It was incorporated under the laws of North Carolina in 1971 as the “Special Forces Decade Association”, and in 1976, the word Decade was dropped.

The SFA is a 501c19 Veterans Service Organization whose membership is restricted to qualified “Green Berets” personnel who have contributed significantly to the support of Special Forces, Montagnards, widows of Green Berets, and Honorary members. The majority of the memberships are Vietnam veterans that played an instrumental part in the award of the “Green Beret” headgear worn by today’s soldiers. Membership is increasing daily with each graduating class of SFQC. All graduates are encouraged to become a part the SFA, the voice of Special Forces.

The current structure includes 85 Chapters spread throughout the United States and overseas. Our Chapters work to unite fraternally all persons who are now or have been assigned to the United States Army most elite force, the “Green Berets”. We strive to perpetuate the SF traditions and commemorate fittingly the memory of all Special Forces soldiers who have given their lives in defense of the free world.

The SFA played an instrumental part in the establishment of the Green Beret Foundation (GBF-501c3), who supports post 9/11 Green Berets and the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT- 501c3), who supports the Green Berets and members of the SFA. Our Chapters sponsor numerous local events in their area and also donate significant amounts to our current charitable funds at National. They also participate in fund raisers and events that recognize “Wounded Warriors” from the Special Operations community.

Historically the SFA has provided manpower, monies, pamphlets, leaflets, and personal beliefs to educate both members and the public regarding the history, present contributions, and future development of the United States Army Special Forces. We have provided numerous resources to assist the Special Forces units since our inception to insure units are adequately manned and equipped for the defense of the United States and by supporting the establishment of the Special Forces Branch as the premiere combat force within the United States Army.

The strongest of all warriors are these two - Time and Patience

-Leo Tolstoy


To join the Devil's Brigade Chapter you must meet the qualifications for the National Special Forces Association (below) plus one of the following four qualifications:

  1. Be a resident of the state of Montana.

  2. Be a resident of one of the contiguous states adjoining Montana (Wyoming, Idaho, North & South Dakota plus Washington).

  3. Have been a guest at one of the chapter respites.

  4. Have at least two (2) Devil's Brigade Chapter Members Sponsor you in writing for membership and be unanimously approved by the current officers of the chapter. 

Existing members who do not meet these qualifications are grandfathered.


Applicants for membership in the National Special Forces Association must provide supporting documentation to prove eligibility. The documentation provided should leave no doubt as to the applicant’s eligibility to avoid delays in processing. Applications received without documentation will be returned as incomplete.

For Decade and General Members: Supporting documents must accompany all applications submitted which provide undeniable proof of Special Forces qualification. Examples of documents include the DD-214, Graduation Certificate from SFQC/SFOC, orders assigning a SF MOS, and SF Tab orders. Form 20, ERB, or ORB demonstrating assignment history is recommended for Decade member applicants. More than one document substantiating qualification is recommended. Simply being assigned to a Special Forces coded position does not denote SF qualification. In some rare instances from the Vietnam era, proof of qualification may be difficult to obtain. The SFA can assist potential applicants in submitting for the awarding of a Special Forces Tab which will prove eligibility. The Special Forces Proponency office at Ft. Bragg reviews historical documents and documents provided by applicants to determines if personnel are eligible for awarding of the SF Tab based on AR 600-8-22 which states:

The SF Tab may be awarded retroactively to all personnel who performed the following wartime service.


1. From 1942 through 1973. Served with a Special Forces unit during wartime and were either unable to or not required to attend a formal program of instruction but were awarded SQI “S”, “3″, or “5G” by competent authority.

2. Prior to 1954. The SF Tab may be awarded prior to 1955 for at least 120 consecutive days in one of the following organizations:

a.  1st Special Service Force, August 1942 to December 1944.
b.  OSS Detachment 101, April 1942 to September 1945.
c.  OSS Jedburgh Detachments, May 1944 to May 1945.
d.  OSS Operational Groups, May 1944 to May 1945.
e.  OSS Maritime Unit, April 1942 to September 1945.
f.  6th Army Special Reconnaissance Unit (Alamo Scouts), February 1944 to September 1945.
g.  8240th Army Unit, June 1950 to July 1953.

3. From 1954 through 1975. Any company grade officer or enlisted member awarded the CIB or CMB while serving for at least 120 consecutive days in one of the following type organizations:

a.  SF Operational Detachment-A (A–Team).
b.  Mobile Strike Force.
c.  SF Reconnaissance Team.
d.  SF Special Project Unit.


For Associate Members: Applicants for Associate Membership must have served for at least two years with an SF unit, served in a combat zone with SF for at least six months, or have contributed in a unique and definable way if the time periods are not met. Supporting documents must accompany all applications submitted demonstrating the assignment of the applicant and his significant contribution to the SF mission. Examples of assignment proof include the Form 20, ERB, ORB, or assignment orders to a Special Forces Unit or operation in direct support of Special Forces Operations. Additionally, the applicant must submit two letters of recommendation from SF/SFA members who have first hand knowledge of the applicant’s significant contribution.

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