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The Devils Brigade Chapter recognizes the values and contributions the families make by awarding merit based post secondary educational scholarships to the sons and daughters of their members.

Scholarship Applications will be available on this portal January 1, 2024 and close on March 31, 2024 and on each inclusive dates in successive year thereafter.

Eligibility requirements: 
  Daughter or son ( legal guardian) of a current Member of the SFA Devils Brigade Chapter 28 Montana         in good stand .
  A high school senior, high school graduate, or registered as a full time undergraduate student at an             accredited college or post secondary vocational/technical institute. 
  Full time student pursuing degree/certification completion at an accredited post secondary institution.
  For graduate school scholarships, currently enrolled as a college senior or obtained a bachelors                   degree from an accredited college/university, applied and/or accepted in an accredited graduate             school program.
  Evaluation of Scholarship are awarded based on Need. The selection committee will evaluate multiple         categories  with equal weight.   
Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or physical               ability. The selection committee will consider all other information submitted with this online                    application. Material submitted by any other method will not be considered.
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