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Below are various charities that provide support to SF soldiers and their families:


American Airlines trough the Air Power Foundation generously provides air transportation for the Active Duty Special Forces participants in our Retreats and Wounded Warrior events.

Air Power Foundation

Task Force Dagger (TFD) is one of our partner non profits. They assist us in our Wounded Warrior Support Programs. Since they specialize in severely wounded Special Operation Soldiers they have a wealth of experience in taking care of these soldiers and their families. We work together making sure that each wounded service member is given support appropriate to his condition. TFD generously assists us by taking on the very severely wounded and helping us support soldiers and families that are within our capabilities.

HSM was founded by one of our Vietnam era Special Forces veterans and has grown into a very successful Montana Company. They are always willing to donate ammo and funds to support our efforts to help the active Special Forces in whatever way we can. Whenever you see HSM’s signature orange boxes of ammo at one of our events, you know they are once again stepping up to support the Special Forces

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company goes all the way back to the First Special Service Force of WWII and the V-42 dagger. Case crafted this legendary military dagger before modern Special Forces were created. Case Knives has always been a patriotic company and a trusted supplier of edged weapons for elite military units. They continue to support us today keeping alive a relationship several decades old.

A strong supporter of SFA and the military. In the true spirit of the Devil’s Brigade, Whitefish Mountain Resort is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Canadian Military.

Click for US/Canadian Military Discount

The Flathead Lake Lodge has been an extraordinary supporter of the Montana Special Forces Association. They generously host many events for our Retreats during the height of tourist season in Montana. For some families, this is the first “real” vacation they’ve had since 9/11. Flathead Lake Lodge and the Big Fork Community ensure it is an “epic” event for these families.

Another heroically patriotic supporter of our Retreats. Ruby Springs lodge treats our Special Forces Soldiers to the fly fishing trip of a lifetime. We could say they are treated like “rock stars” but that might be a step down from the experience they have at Ruby Springs.

A Nicaraguan sport fishing and eco tour lodge located between the 2,640 square kilometer Indio – Maíz Biological reserve, Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and the Rio San Juan River that defines the border with Costa Rica. Partially owned by US Special Forces veterans, the Rio Indio Lodge donates two all-inclusive trips a year to support our annual fundraiser.


The Crosby’s and Longview foundation are strong supporters of Chapter 28. This family is an outstanding Montana example of how to live the American Dream and give back to those that continue the fight.

Kalispell Toyota has been an enthusiastic sponsor of our Retreats. They donate rental cars and do everything they can to make sure these families have a great vacation in Montana.

Big Sky Brewing Company is a sponsor and avid supporter of the Montana Special Forces Association. Some of our members are also investors in the brewery. Special Forces and great beer just go together!

Willie’s Distillery was founded by one of our Special Forces Brothers, Willie Blazer, and his wife Robin in Ennis, Montana. They are strong supporters of the Special Forces Association and an inspiring Montana success story.  Willie donates a portion of the sales of his Devil's Brigade Whisky to the Montana Special Forces Association.  You can find out where to buy it here.

Valerie McIntyre has generously donated her skill and time to photograph Chapter banquets and events. These professional images are priceless. We’ve learned the hard way that some of us won’t make it back next year and Valerie’s photos may be some of the only images of us together.


Another Montana Company supporting the Montana Special Forces. Shooting is a big part of many of our activities and PSI is always willing to make sure our shooting events are what you would expect from the Special Forces.

Brent Cotton, a very talented Montana Artist, is a long time supporter of SFA 28. He has generously donated many fine works of art for our auctions and fundraisers.

Provides logistics and training solutions to agencies and units attached to the Dept. of Defense (and other federal agencies), private security contractors, as well as local and federal law enforcement agencies.

A local Montana bank located in Columbia Falls that supports the Glacier Country community and the military. This is a bank that clearly shares the values of the SFA “Freedom is not a right, freedom is earned.” Without local banks like Freedom Bank, many small Montana businesses would never get a chance to open their doors and our nation would be less competitive as a result.

Strider Knives generously supports the Gen. Fredrick Award with V42 reproductions.

A local Montana company founded by an avid Montana bowhunter. Howling Wind Forge custom knives are handmade and unique, giving every owner a “one of a kind” knife that will last a lifetime. Specializing in fixed blade and folding knives, designed and crafted primarily from D2 and Damascus, worthy of heavy use or as a show piece for your collection.

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