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// September 2018

Annual Meeting & Banquet 2018

The Chapter 2018 Annual Meeting and Banquet will be held The Lodge at Whitefish Lake on 21-22 September. Additional information will be posted at it is finalized.


// February 2018

ROTC Combat Leader Seminar

U.S. SOCOM SEA CSM McCauley Presents MG Robert T Frederick Leadership Awards to Montana ROTC Cadets

Read More About CSM McCauley’s Montana ROTC Leadership Engagements Here

// January 2018

Winter Warrior Retreat 2018

The Montana Special Forces Association is actively planning the 2018 Winter Warrior Retreat at Whitefish Mountain Resort for 08-13 January. Details on this all expense paid family vacation for active duty Special Forces soldiers will be posted as they are confirmed. Events include skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and dog sledding along with lots of fellowship with the Special Forces old timers who now live in Montana. Many of these families haven’t had a vacation together for several years due to the demands of current operations.


// December 2017

9/11 Memorial V-42 Presentations

SFA Chapter XXVIII worked with LTG (r) Mulholland, America’s Response Monument Trust, and WR Case to facilitate the September 11 Memorial V-42 Presentations

Read More About 9/11 Memorial V-42s Here

// July 2017

General Tony Thomas's presentation:

SOCOM: Policing the World

While this Administration’s approach to foreign crises mostly differs from that of its predecessor, there is at least one conspicuous exception, a heavy reliance on Special Operations Forces. Their commander explains the role SOCOM and SOF perennially play in responding to flash points around the globe and building partner-nation capacity to provide for their own defense.

Raymond “Tony” Thomas, Commander, US Special Operations Command
Moderator: Catherine Herridge, Chief Intelligence Correspondent, Fox News


// April 2017

Green Beret Appalachian Trail Challenge

Donate to support

Special Forces veterans will hike the full length of the Appalachian Trail in April 2017 to raise funds for the Green Beret Foundation.

The Appalachian Trail is about 2200 miles in length and runs from north Georgia to central Maine. It generally follows the spine of the Appalachian Mountains.

The Trail is managed by a combination of the National Park Service, the US Forest Service, and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. It is maintained by a host of nonprofit organizations.

Sometimes called “The Long Green Tunnel”, it is mostly under the cover of trees. It can be very harsh in ascents, descents, and the rockiness of the trail.

Only a small percentage of those who attempt a thru-hike are able to complete the trail.


// January 2017

Winter Warrior Retreat 2017

The Montana Special Forces Association and Task Force Dagger sponsored an all expense paid family vacation for active duty Special Forces soldiers to Whitefish, MT. Events included skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and dog sledding along with lots of fellowship with the Special Forces old timers who now live in Montana. Many of these families haven’t had a vacation together for several years due to the demands of current operations. Check out the video of the event:

Winter Warrior 2017

Special thanks to Whitefish Mountain Resort for donating all of the ski/snowboard rentals, instruction and lift passes. Extra special thanks to the American Airlines for providing air transportation for the soldiers and their families.


// August 2016

Life is good in Montana

A Chapter 28 member enjoying a special label beer on a lake in Montana.  Does life get any better than that?


A Chapter 28 member enjoying a special label beer on a lake in Montana.










// June 2016

Bob Brugh Recieves St. Neri Award

SFA 28 cofounder and Treasurer, Bob Brugh, was awarded the Special Forces Community’s highest honor at the Annual Special Forces Association national convention this June.  Only one St. Neri Gold medal is awarded each year to a member of the Special Forces Association who distinguishes himself above all others. Please take the time to read Bob’s nomination. He certainly earned this award.

Nomination for Bob Brugh to receive the St. Neri Award

Bob and LTG Mulholland



















// October 2015

Flathead Lake Lodge Beer Run

Team Special Forces once again set the “Bar” high in this unconventional sporting challenge that combines running, drinking beer and numerous other technical events…at least they seemed technical after the beer drinking.

RPFC Nabozney with MG Miller





// September 2015

Nabozney AIT Graduation

Major General Miller, the Commander of Fort Benning Georgia (the Infantry Training Center), attends the Infantry Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Graduation of Private First Class Gunnar Nabozney. Gunnar is one of our scholarship awardees. His father, Bjorn Nabozney (far left), is an Honorary Member of the Montana Special Forces Association.

RPFC Nabozney with MG Miller

One of our members called his old teammate (Scott Miller) to ask him to check in on PFC Nabozney. We hear that PFC Nabozney received additional, intensive, individual instruction on “cleaning and maintenance” from several Drill Sergeants as a direct result of this distinguished guest visitation. The Montana Special Forces Association is always willing to step up to ensure our scholarship awardees receive maximum training value out of all of their endeavors.





// May 2015

5 Star Fly fishing for active duty SF/SOF

Ruby Springs Lodge fly fishing trip:

One of the premier fly fishing destinations in the state of Montana is a strong supporter of SF/SOF Warrior retreats. The feedback we get from our brothers and their families on this trip is off the charts. “You just have to see it to believe it.”

Read more here

Ruby Springs















// Feburary 2015

The 2015 Winter Warrior Family Retreat in Whitefish Montana

SFA 28 will be hosting active duty SF and their families for a winter retreat to Whitefish Montana. The event will center around Grouse Mountain Lodge and Whitefish Mountain Resort. Our guests will have the opportunity to participate in Skiing, Snowboarding, snowshoeing and dog sledding. Chapter members are encouraged to join us for some winter fun.

Dates: Feb 6-9, 2015. RTB on Feb 10.

For more information contact: Frank

LV Trip

// November 2014

The 2014 Warrior Family Retreat in Las Vegas

Bill Waldron sends:

Salute to the Troops…a very worthwhile giving amazing event. With the merger of US Air and American Airlines….funding is slated to be reduced…..thank you very much for designating Esther and myself as ambassadors for our chapter. It was a great honor and the veterans and their dependents had a non stop very well organized amazing fun get away from the stress of their recovery programs. We will never forget a young wife carrying her double leg amputee husband with his arms around her neck, both maintaining great attitudes.

Chapter 28 in action…..Bill

LV Trip

// August 2014

// July 2014
The 2013 Weapons Raffle for Chapter 28 has finished. Congratulations to this year’s winners.

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First Special Service Force reunion in Helena:

Bill Waldron sends:

The FSSF reunion held in Helena was an overwhelming success in honoring the Force Men, their heroism, and the ongoing legacy that is an integral part of the Special Operations community. There was representation from both US and Canadian active duty SOF, including the Canadian SOF commander. Chapter 28 was well represented with multiple named and unnamed members including Lt. Col. Lonnie Cook serving as MC for the memorial services and Major Dan McKinney doing guest speaker duties at the banquet. The Reverend Esther Suhr (retired and Bill Waldron”s wife) provided FSSF chaplain duties for both the memorial and banquet. Bill Jacobsen led the parade to Memorial Park alongside a motorcyclist from Canada. The Montana State Troopers, Helena Police Dept, and the Patriot Guard added their numbers and support to the event. The Lewis and Clark Veterans Council provided honor guard duties and the Devil’s Brigade pipers the bagpipe music. Lt.Col. Lonnie Cook donated more than $1000 in bottled, special labeled Willie”s Distillery Private Reserve Bourbon to individual FSSF WW2 vets with the help and support of Willie Blazer and Willie’s Distillery from Ennis, Montana. Chapter member Paul Armstrong, with the help of Chapter 28 supporter Nate Monteil and other unnamed insurgents, provided Taliban role player acting servces when the WW2 vets toured the Afghan village at Ft Harrison. Behind the scenes, making most of the arrangements, doing the planning, management, eliminating Murphy, and making sure it happened were Bill and Gail Woon…..always the driving force behind the FSSF. Thank you to all who showed up, worked hard, and participated in support of the Black Devils. I had the honor to serve as the official representative for SFA Chapter 28, coordinating tasks needed to support this historic event…….and once again…with the help and hard work of many named and unnamed individuals and organizations. This is yet another example of the continuous and constant ongoing support that SFA Chapter 28 provides to active duty, retired and prior service military SOF veterans and their families.. We keep setting a high standard…way to go!

// May 2014

A thank you note from LTG Cleveland (Commander USASOC) expressing his appreciation for the work we are doing to support the active duty teams.

Read more here

2013 Warrior Family Retreat in Las Vegas, NV:

Warrior appreciation trip: SFA 28 helped the AIR POWER FOUNDATION, Sundance Helicopter Tours and MGM’s New York New York Hotel host Special Forces soldier Brian Weber, Jamie Lee and their guests for an over top warrior appreciation trip to Las Vegas. The trip included a helicopter tour of the city and a VIP reception at the hotel.


MGM Vice President greets the guys

Hero's Welcome

Thank You

Kieth’s remarks

// January 20-25, 2014

Warrior Family Retreat in Whitefish, MT:

Our chapter has partnered with the AIR POWER FOUNDATION to fly 12 soldiers and family members to Whitefish, Montana for a Chapter sponsored Warrior retreat.   We’ll be doing a lot of skiing and boarding at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Rooms available at the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish. Details to Follow. 

1st Special Forces Group sent some of these purple heart recipients out to this event.    The Seattle Seahawks did a great tribute for these soldiers at a recent halftime show:

Click here to watch

Motion to authorize up to $8000 in chapter funds for the event PASSED: 37 Approve, 0 Disapprove.


Some of the first photos from the event.  Looks like the guys and their families had a great time.

Dog Sled adventure 2



















Dog Sled adventure 3

// December 12, 2013

Please join us in honoring the oldest member of the Special Forces Association, Melchor Rillera, M-12924, Chapter 75, who will be 106 years old on 1 January, 2014. Melchor served with 3rd Company, 3rd Regiment, First Special Service Force from 1942 to 1944. His discharge record, dated 1945, indicates he fought in the following campaigns: Naples, Foggia, Normandy, Southern France, Aleutian Islands, Ardennes, Central Europe, Rhineland, Rome, Arno. He was wounded twice in Italy and on the beach at Anzio. He was retroactively awarded the Special Forces Tab. His mailing address is:

Melchor Rillera
241 33rd St.
San Diego, CA 92102-4308

// July 20, 2013
We have some nominations for honorary membership in Chapter 28. Click below to learn more.

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// July 2013
The 2013 Weapons Raffle for Chapter 28 has finished.  Congratulations to this year’s winners.

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// June 2013
The 2013 Chapter 28 Beer Label is NOW AVAILABLE! Click below to learn more.

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// August 28, 2012
SFA Chapter 28, in conjunction with the Flathead Lake Lodge and the Bigfork, MT community successfully hosted another Montana Wounded Warrior Retreat in August.
We were able to bring out 4 Special Forces soldiers and their families for a great week of Montana hospitality and good old western fun. Some of these soldiers have
been pretty severely wounded but they all participated to the best of their ability.

Read more here


// Ch 28 Annual Banquet
Our annual meeting and banquet is in Missoula, MT September 6, 2014. The member meeting is in the early afternoon on Saturday, September 6th, followed by the
banquet that evening at 7:00 pm.

More info here


Chapter 28 awards many scholarships every year to students across the country to further their education. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria,
which reflect the values and purposes of Chapter 28. To see a list of all recent and past scholarship recipients, please click here. Chapter 28 also has a part in awarding
the MG ROBERT T. FREDERICK FIRST SPECIAL SERVICE FORCE AWARD to worthy and eligible Cadets throughout the year. For more information on this award, or
to view a list of recent recipients, please click here.

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