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The V-42 was written by SFA XXVIII member, former Green Beret and Nashville songwriter, Jim Rushing


SFA 28 & W.R. Case Cutlery are honored to be able to offer a serialized Faithfully True V-42:

Each Faithfully True V-42 ships with a Certificate of Authenticity from W.R. Case

Faithfully True V-42 stilettos with a serial number are currently priced at $495.00 plus $15.00 each for U.S. shipping. 

Total price $510.00 each.

Serialized Faithfully True V-42 stilettos with a custom display case are priced at $614.00 plus $35.00 each for U.S. shipping. 
Total price $649.00 each.


If you already have a Faithfully True V-42 from W.R.Case, you can order just the display case for $119.00 plus $35.00 each for U.S. shipping. 
Total price $154.00 each.


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